With 15 years of experience in the industry, Voeuk Conveyancing is a professional conveyancing business which prides itself in providing prompt and efficient services. Working with clients across Darwin, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, our licensed conveyancers strive to deliver our clients with competitive low prices guaranteed, whilst still providing our high-quality services that we have become known for. Our Darwin and Palmerston Conveyancers offer stress-free, personalized, and professional conveyancing services across the wider Palmerston and Darwin, and throughout Northern Territory. 

Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring legal title from one person to another.

Property law is quite complex and there are a number of aspects to consider in the process such as contractual obligations, contract clauses, conditions, encumbrances, easements and shareholding of property (to name a few).

The most common form of conveyancing is buying and selling. There is a lot involved when it comes to the conveyancing process. Essentially, the buyer and seller sign a contract which becomes legally binding. Conveyancing may sound easy enough, however, it involves a lot of legal proceedings and legalities to consider as each individual matter differentiate from the next.

We take great pride in providing a careful detailed advice to you which may impact your decision on the property.

It is imperative that you place the legal work in the capable hands of a highly-experienced and qualified conveyancer who will ensure that the whole transaction runs smoothly.

  • We peruse your contract and provide you advice on the issues/risks involved in the sale or purchase of your property.
  • Negotiate any amendments and/or provide advice as special terms and conditions for the sale or purchase of your property.
  • Arranging payment of stamp duty
  • Check what encumbrances are lodged on the title & advise how they could impact your decision on the property transactions.
  • Check to see if there are any outstanding debts to the local council, body corporate.
  • Calculating adjustments for council, water and strata rates, body corporate
  • Liaise with banks, conveyancer acting on other side, mortgage brokers, and real estate agents;
  • Conduct required title searches;
  • Arrange all property inspections reports, such as building status & condition, electrical, plumbing, pest report etc;
  • Book and coordinate settlement;
  • Attend settlement and inform you as soon as the settlement has occurred;
  • Notify the relevant authorities and council of a change of ownership.