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Their main responsibility is to handle the legal aspects of transferring property ownership from one party to another. This includes ensuring that all legal requirements are met, preparing and reviewing legal documents such as contracts of sale, conducting property searches to uncover any issues that may affect the property, coordinating settlement arrangements, and facilitating the transfer of funds between parties. Essentially, a conveyancer acts as a guide and legal representative to ensure a smooth and legally sound property transaction.

The costs associated with conveyancing can vary depending on factors such as the property value, location, and the specific services required. Generally, conveyancing costs may include legal fees, government charges (such as stamp duty and registration fees), search fees, and any additional disbursements or expenses incurred during the conveyancing process. It’s recommended to obtain a detailed quote from us to understand the likely costs incurred in your property transaction.

We will be able to navigate any issues that arise during the conditional inspection report period, using our expertise to address concerns while protecting your legal rights and interests.

We pride ourselves in keeping our clients updated as the matter progresses throughout the whole course of the conveyancing matter.

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